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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 22, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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little cutsie's best friend. and of course rusty nails. those seem safe to me. since all of these toys made it to the shelf we can't assume they are safe to purchase. >> don't assume that because a toy makes it to the shelf that it is necessarily purchase purchase --ness seacial able to purchase. >> my favorite toy is a shelf. don't tell me what to do, old man. a consumer report notes that last year over 250,000 people visited emergency rooms for toy-related injuries. only 87 remind that it was a long way for a joke. who should test these toys to see if they are dangerous? take a look.
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excellent work, my cat. i will go to you first, jedediah. are parents too over protective? as a nonparent you are the expert here. >> i am. >> i had a lot of dangerous toys when i was a i had c. when i think back to my smurts and -- stop laughing. if you could detach parts and you are worried about things kids could swallow, but guess what. i had a mom. i was playing with these toys she could watch me and supervise. parents are lazy. they don't want to watch their kids. they don't want to do their homework. they want a watchdog group to come in and tell them. >> my parents are different. they left the choking hazards all over the floor. oh, what's this? don't put that in your mouth answer though it tastes like chocolate. i think they wanted me dead.
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you said before we did this segment that this is a weak topic. >> i had two brothers. any cool toys were taken out of my clinched hand. and then it turned into the lord of the flies. i remember getting one and it made a cool woosh-woosh noise. now these toys are part of a woosification. i am not going to blame president obama, but i am not going to not blame him. >> i think you coined the phrase woosification. i have never heard it here. >> never heard it. only a thousand times. >> dangerous toys? that's what makes toys fun.
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a sense it could kill you. you remove the risk and what do you have? bore dom. >> the issue is not the toy, but the child. there should be a 10 most dangerous toy list. if we want to add to this list i would put the ipad. parents are relying too much on technology. with all of those fingers there are so many germs. the children are becoming dependent for their development which will leave them socially inept. because of the fact we don't allow them to hurt themselves they grope up with physical pain. that's a problem when you meet me later in life. >> i think that is scientifically proven. i agree though. i get the choking hazard problem. if you are making a toy for a 2-year-old they have a
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detachable part they can put in their mouth, then that's an issue. if part it a plastic bubble syndrome. >> they talk about the giggle cycle. it is unsafe because it is low to the ground. remember the big wheel? >> yes. >> the big wheel was like a quarter inch off the turf. >> and my feet still dangled. >> it is less of a distance to fall. >> you would think. it is made by the radio flyer. the air storm fire tech bow, how could that possibly be -- my favorite toy growing up, let's face it, i was a boy, a pocket knife. don't you remember getting the first pocket knife? >> don't you remember -- you were the kid taking everybody's lunches weren't you? >> no, well yes. >> i remember i took it from a short kid and then it was
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mine. >> if you never had a scar or never broken a limb or had a fight or fallen off something you are not really -- you never had a childhood. >> we are striping kids of important less sons. it is like saying don't go sledding. will you mess yourself up? yes. is it worth it, absolutely. jay survival of the fittest. it starts when you are a kid. >> i want to say something. i know we have a lot of viewers who are parents and a lot of them are thinking right now none of these people on the panel are parents and they hospital be talking about -- and they shouldn't be talking about it. wrong. it is our job to talk about things we know nothing about. >> more important as a childless people we are better experts because we are unbiased. a lot of people can't say what they think because they like their kids too much. we are objective. >> we speak truth to parents.
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>> an elite school is full of fools. berkeley has a lot of jerklys. he believes there is no connection between intau elect and wisdom. to prove it he hit the berkeley campus to see how students would ray act. check it out fans of which checking things out. >> why does america keep bombing us? western imperialism is to blame and not isis. america is causing the death in iraq and syria. america is to blame. not isis. not islamic state. we don't want to harm anybody. we are forced to by american imperialism and american laws. rye? right? right on. >> thanks, man. >> you can't smoke, but you can waive a terrorist flag.
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he then switched to an israeli flag and got a slightly different reaction. >> that's the way you respond? i can't hear what you are saying. >> these are all killers and hamas is not a killer? >> tear gnaw is not cute. >> that's right, he is not cute. hamas is not cute. >> that flag you waive is the psychological genocide of this planet. >> i'm sick? hamas is a terrorist organization. do you not agree with that? >> it is part of the people who enslaved the whole planet. >> how did daabs get there. he says these are our best and bright ease, then we should all be afraid, very afraid. there was another flag experiment on campus that day.
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let's see how the students reacted. >> in that flag you waive. it is a psychological genocide of this planet. it is part of the people who enslave the whole planet. >> i didn't know alec baldwin could golf. you were applauding the berkeley students it surprised me. >> i know you though that. this is my kryptonite. the worst on any campus is those who say digest is a -- divest is a terrorist state. they are speaking truth to power. they are saying yeah, that's right! the most irritating is the ones you know. >> i think it is a proxy for america. we are screaming about
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america. it is like saying i don't smoke cigarettes. i smoke cloves. it is the more specific, edgy thing. it is just -- jed disco dye yaw, it is not -- jedediah, it is no that shocking. >> all of the group think the same and i wonder how many knew what isis was and what that flag represents? you can see the flag and i guarantee they were just reacting to the rhetoric. any college campus you go to you can hear anti-american rhetoric. >> the kids hate israel, but they don't know what that is. >> they hated israel less and they maybe watched the news more they would understand what isis is. joanne is this why you date guys who haven't been to college? >> i like to date the ones who go on tours. they don't commit.
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i don't think any girl will look at a man who is yelling these sorts of things and be like, oark, that's a sexy guy there. he has a future for him. jedediah is right. it is misguided information. you hope one day they will find the right direction or get the information necessary to make good decisions. you can't be fully informed and say these things about isis. you just can't. or you combine and you are awful. or you can and you are awful. >> the only way i will defend them is to say they may be afraid to go after a guy shouting pro isis things, but that's the extent of the benefit of the doubt. do you expect anything less? have you ever met anyone from berkeley who wasn't a total idiot? >> greg went to berkeley.
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>> i wanted the joke to fall flat. >> colleges have now produced a new substance. it is nonintel. when you graduate you have knowledge and no common sense. as they pour this stuff on your head, you got everything out from your parents and grandparents. it is like invasion of the body snatchers. >> left wing act lie babies and don't want contrary voices. and then they act like the social club and it filters in the students. they want to be in class, yes, israel is a terrorist state. it is actually not complicated. >> they learn the importance of feelings. that's an important lesson especially when you spend $60,000 a year. it is important to learn how
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much feelings matter. >> when you go to these college campuses and you can see these elaborate signs, if you ask these kids what they are protesting they can't give one sentence on what they are there for. part is they are dumb. they parrot what they have been told in a classroom, but i don't know how committed they are to ideology. it is all in one spot. >> and then ask them what fracking is. >> it is like a political bob evans. one of my favorite restaurants. will america sour on its abusive power. friday president obama went to vegas. the plan would allow immigrants to stay in the u.s. and work legally. obama said he had no choice but to go it alone.
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i wonder if he cajoled called and then met. >> i cajoled, i called and i met. i said qm john boehner. i will wash your car, walk your dog. whatever you need to do, just call the bill he didn't do in. >> the president's unilateral reaction was met with praise. >> the president has chosen to deliberately sabotage any chance of an acting bipartisan reform that he claims to seek. as i told the president yesterday he is damaging the presidency itself. >> he will come around. let's see how the crowd reacted to obama's speech in vegas.
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>> she is amazing. i don't know what that was. what do you make of all of this? >> i was traumatized by that. >> what do you make of president obama going down to vegas? he is essentially playing with america's future so why not go for the real shing? >> that's great. >> i have writers who do things for me. >> at least we know he is doing what he wants to do and what he wants to do is destroy the constitution and destroy the separation of powers. at least he is being up front. >> do you think at the blackjack table he forced everyone to take insurance? jay absolutely. >> the house will never win. did that work?
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>> no. republicans how should they respond? >> i don't think they can win here. i think it is really hard. if they fight to de fund they will look like extremists. obama has the upper happened now in a way. what will they talk impeachment? something is that can be labeled extremist. they will say let's pass a spending bill, but let's take this part out so obama can get on tv and say he wants your -- they want your families torn apart and whatnot. he is sitting pretty. and i don't know if people care about how this was put through. i don't know how many people sit home and say i don't like the president over stepping his bounds and i don't like this executive action. >> i think no matter how good your plan is or you think your plan is, if you polarize half the country and abuse your power it is not going to resonate. he has been doing that.
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>> why did he go all the way? >> i want to bring andy into this scandal. he dashed out and he said -- he pretended to forget something. he was pretending to forget his blackberry. he had his blackberry holstered. what was he hiding? >> i am not even joking. jay that's exactly what happened. >> he left his blue or whatever. and then he realized like he had a 20-minute flight over marine one. there is no way i can go 20 minutes. that's what happened there. with the immigration thing he signed an executive action on friday in vegas. that means it doesn't count for the rest of the country.
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>> we're fine. we're totally fine. >> he has the hot hands. >> i don't know if anyone noticed on friday jonathon hunt became a u.s. citizen? not a coincidence after the president granted amnesty. >> coming up, a shimmering helmet of erotic pleasure? or a raccoon. and a restaurant on craigslist. finally something i can have something in common with.
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crazy story, buck. a help wanted sign can carry a
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fine. several new york city restaurants have been peshed for using -- punished for using terms like waitress and hostess in their craigslist ads. this could happen. under city law gender specific ads are a civil rights violation and warrant a $5,000 fine. but one restaurant owner claims an ad for a hostess who is done absent mindedly and the fine is a scam and tells the new york post, quote, i am not going to settle. i didn't do anything wrong. to discuss we brought in a live studio audience. before we begin, a show of hands. how many think i am the sexiest host at the fox newschannel? the rest should leave right now.
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do you think restaurants deserve the fine? >> no, you are a private business. if i own a restaurant and i decided i wanted a really hot, shirtless guy at the door to be letting people in, i should be able to do it. >> i'm busy, but go ahead. >> andy took the job, so don't worry jie. where is this restaurant? >> you should be able to decide you want women. you want men. why can't a private business make that decision? >> what if i said white women? >> well that is -- but that's racial discrime fogs. -- discrimination. >> they lont hairy -- dash they don't hairy -- sorry. they don't hire models. i know the business. >> buck is one of the guys that talks to the models while they are working. >> they like me. they really like me. >> if we give uh free drink would you shut up? this is your wheel house.
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you are a server what say you? did they make a mistake? >> i think it is flipped around. the law discriminates against the owners in the restaurant. sometimes english is not their first language. it is the language they learned and their habit to use the word waitress. it is more -- it is the job. it is not referring to a gender. it is the word they foe. it should come with a warning. they say it is not a warning and we give education classes, but most people don't make the same mistake twice. >> this is a shake down, pure and simple. are these really the most offensive ads you have seen on craigslist? think about it. >> they are, actually. none of the other ads i have seen are considered offensive. they make perfect sense to me. first of all there is no reason we should say waiter
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and waitress and actor and actress. i think we need to get rid of gendered. >> this is bs. because i don't like a male -- i don't want a male masseuse. does that make me sexist? i don't like to mott know before i get there. >> but they give better massages, so i am told. >> that's the problem. >> not necessarily. >> what if a restaurant has through no fault of its own it has a gender imbalance. say they had a 50/50 split. but then the restaurant says we want to hire two women to replace them. so we keep everything balanced. but you are telling me they can't put out an ad saying we want waitresses? do they have to advertise?
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>> the restaurant says this is part of the diversity program. they want to diversify and see if they have enough females on staff. >> that will only work if you are adding females. >> this is a good point. women is in the front. who is in the back? busboys? i have never seen a female busboy in my life. should they be called bus persons? >> there are a lot of uh assumptions. >> they are buskers. bussers. >> host, hostess comes from hospitem. >> you call them a greeter. >> so now when i want a hostess twinkie i will go off a greeter twinkie? >> there are people getting killed all over and we are finding a poor guy running a restaurant. >> they are getting killed in large part because of bad
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language. >> joanne hit on it and there are a lot of other guys that are starting businesses and they work hard and they get nailed for working hard because of one stupid mistake. what about bouncers? >> you have to figure you have a ray gun. >> i have never seen a female bouncer in my life. >> that's why it would throw you off your game. a female bouncer? >> it is not like i get in fights with bouncers. >> you would think something funky is going on. >> a female bouncer will usually have a clip board and a headset. that is more scary. >> and she makes me feel bad about myself. >> you feel bad about yourself no matter what. >> they are good at looking at the list and saying i'm sorry.
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>> can you spell your name again? >> you go past the g's. >> you get the sinking feeling in your stomach. >> maybe they confused my first and last name? did you look under that. >> can you stand over there? joe, come on in. give me one minute. keep pushing you and pushing you. >> all right, coming up, the world's tallest rollercoaster. big deal, everyone knows the shorter rollercoasters try harder and make better boyfriends. a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is rusty nails. don't pay attention to that list that just said we have a dangerous toy. we are totally safe and totally fun. kids scream for rusty nails. give qors a shot and -- give yourself a shot and give yourself a tetnus shot.
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>> should police brass do art and craft? this week about 140 top ranking members of the new york city police department or to coin a phrase, nypd took a break from fighting crime to attend a summer camp style retreat. hosted by the commissioner at a scenic property included team building exercises like
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the marshmellow challenge which was totally different than what i used to do. the competition, i can fit 400 in my mouth. the competition is to build the tallest free standing structure using spaghetti sticks, tape and marshmellows. they also participated to discuss crime-fighting strategies. a source said we were treated like a fortune 500 company instead of the police department. buck you worked in the police department briefly. do these team building things help you? >> it helps us feel good. this stuff is pretty standard. are you asking is it a giant waste of time and taxpayer money? absolutely ridiculous.
12:35 am
it is being done across the country. >> i have engaged in this crap before and then stopped and left. >> they got rid of the trust fall. >> that requires something legit. you can catch somebody and fail. >> it is great. everybody knew they didn't like accounting anymore. >> it worries me that these are the activities and these are the people. it looks like they are having a good time. >> at least have the decency to put out a good video game. >> i feel bad for them. police have enough problems they don't have to do this sort of thing.
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i don't think they should have done that. >> no one thought we are adults and we shouldn't do this, period? this is fraternity hazing. you are grown men. >> they were forced to do this by somebody. the people who forced them. this was not beat cops. this was the top guys. what are you doing? come on, man. >> exactly. come on, man. it perpetuates a type of business. you know the sumo suits? we did it at one of our business things. >> i come after all of this fun stuff happens. >> yes, you do. >> it is awful. >> yes, it is. you never had a real office job, business job. >> no and i was looking forward to icebreakers and things like this, but be didn't have it. >> fox used to have a christmas party.
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>> i know, everyone told me how great it was. jay it was awesome. >> i will have a party by myself. this is a tremendous waste of food. they could have donated all of this to a community center instead of using these marshmellows marshmellows and spaghetti sticks. >> i would have smeared it on my chest. >> the best icebreaker is when everyone gets in a circle and everyone has to grab two hands and everyone has to unravel. >> that is free. >> you are a weird owe. >> the design for the world's tallest rollercoaster has been unveiled and it is scarier than something really scary. the skyscraper, well that's original, will reach a height of 570 feet. it opens in 2017.
12:38 am
what doesn't? in orlando, the designers give a preview of what they are calling a cutting edge engineering marvel. take a look >> car sick.
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i don't feel well. i actually don't feel well. are you going on this ride? >> love rollercoasters. if you send me with cameras i will record the whole thing. it will be "red eye" on the coaster. >> we will have cameras ready, but we will have to test them out at the local -- buck, your hair rollercoaster, not a good idea? >> it slows down the entire coaster. >> down in front. you don't understand i can't make it go back in. it is absolutely ridiculous. gee. >> they were up for the role of sandra bullock in "gravity." >> oh it is so hard to make a
12:40 am
custom astronaut helmet. >> his hair will be perfectly white and straight. >> i hope so. jay "red eye" will make sure it doesn't happen. >> what is part of the thrill you may know survive? >> there will be people all over the world going. >> that's a great quote. lady, what do you think? there is going to be -- that's a great on the street quote. there is going to be people all over the world. >> people are obsessed with the rollercoasters. >> when you go i will hold the stuff. i hate rollercoasters. i am very type a and that whole feeling of letting go. >> you would never have to buy sunglasses. at the end of the day you could just pick them up, sunglasses, hats, artificial
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limbs. would you rather have the largest teacups and you can be in the hound and you climb in the middle. >> why do they have to spin around? can't they just sit there? put some cold play on and watch "love actually." first of all this is fake. i thought it was fake. the entire video was computer generated. it is probably 20 feet high. they put people like greg next to it. they say it is 570 feet high. that mu be a normal -- that must bea a normal human. and then you get there and it is 10 feet high. for adults they were replaced by drugged and alcohol. they offer an opportunity for uh gliff -- for oblivion.
12:42 am
>> this will be great. >> you are correct. it is an ole thing -- it is an old thing. it sounds like fun. i will find a bottle of wine under the couch and i am okay. >> time to take a break. way will stalk -- we will talk drunk when we come back.
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you can't fall off the wagon if you never got on. that's what my parents used to say. a new government report claims most who drink to get drunk are not alcoholics. getting bombed doesn't mean you need betty ford. excessive drinking for men is defined as five drinks in one setting or 15 per week. for women it is slightly less which is sexist. a survey found 30% of people drink too much and only 10% meet the definition of alcoholism. to curb consumption researchers suggested things like raising the price of alcohol or limb particular the liquor license. i have seen you drink alone in the closet? >> i have been slurring about this for years. i love when you go in for your
12:47 am
annual checkup and the categories are 0-1, 2-3, more than 12. what do you mean? the doctor is like, really? and winston churchill was hitting back a bottle of champagne in the morning and rehabbinged to beat the nazis. >> he died. >> but also -- it is always good to use one example out of six billion people to prove a point. >> he is dead now. he is not proving his point. he drank and then decide. examine then died. >> who is to blame for the country's drinking habit, you? >> i gluer fie my tipsy -- glorify my tipsy life on this show a lot. i feel partly responsible. you know what it is? tv. they were meeting up at the bar to get a drink. remember "friends" which me
12:48 am
80scones? come on. i would like to see if the results were different. seinfield, nobody ever drank. elaine drank once and danced funny. >> jedediah? >> if i have one glass of wine that's a lot. one glass and i'm like, oh -- >> i know somebody who would like to see you later. nobody talks about the esh you of like some people who drink a lot like the feeling of being drunk. they are not addicted. they like being irresponsible. andy, fess up. >> did she make any sense there? >> you were zoned out. >> it is friday night. >> of course it makes sense. there is a difference between people who drink a lot. it doesn't mean there are
12:49 am
people who may not be alcoholics, but maybe hospital drink less. people are going see, totally fine to have 50 drinks a week. i am not doing damage because i am not an alcoholic. >> this study is unnecessary. just look at college. if this were something you couldn't decide you would stop doing, everyone would come out of college a mess. >> coming up, the poo hits the fan. and do you have videos of your animals. fox"red eye. look at the arrow. hey matt, what's up?
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i'm just looking over the company bills. is that what we pay for internet?
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yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. last story. that's the last story. they poo-pooed the poo. a play ground in poland has banned win knee the pooh due to his sexuality. they are looking for a character to be the face of their new play area. when win knee the pooh was suggested several local officials were outraged. one called pooh a
12:54 am
hemaphrodite. one said he should wear pants and i agree. one woman said this is disturbing and can you imagine he cut his tess tau cals off with a razor blade because he had a problem with his identity. she has a point. >> you do not sexualize pooh. >> you do no go to jeremy and say that. don't do it. you will be kicked out of the country. >> do you see bears out in the wild with boxy briefs and lingerie? >> only in my dreams. i love my bears in boxers. >> i don't get the hemaphrodite part. >> i don't get that. all i know is me and my win knee the pooh collection are not welcome in poland. >> we have gone full circle and now the problem is absence of jenna -- jenna tale yaw.
12:55 am
you are not uh you lod 50 feet within a play ground so you sim that you thighs with pooh. you feel pooh. >> sure. >> you don't have an opinion on this? on pooh? >> wrm afternoon eyore guy. he does not take on the trappings of clothing and that other stuff. porky pig, he had the cute tale, right? >> joanne i loved welcome to pooh corner. it is a place in my room. >> i want to know. >> sometimes i can't get out of bed. the question is do they have a point ? >> the only reason they are ganging up on pooh is they want their own polish bear cartoon to win.
12:56 am
it is what they want in the park. my real problem with pooh is he is a horrible example to children. his hand is always in the honey jar and that's not good for childhood obesity. win knee the pooh is the most under -- winney the pooh is the most under rerated. everybody knew an eyore, andy is an eyore. >> it i feel he has been stripped of all of his dignity. >> i was basically pig let as a child. i wore a shirt and nothing else. >> what about bears? >> yogi bear. i have a snuggle bear. jedediah, always a pleasure. andy levy and joanne
12:57 am
nosuchunsky. buck 6 ton or sex buck ton. that does it for me. have an interesting rest of your weekend. i'm greg gutfeld. what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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don? reading pictures, pictures there's a boy riding on his bicycle you can read too grandpa! ♪yea it's always better when we're together♪
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not the same old response to the president. tonight at the end. see you then. hello, i'm eric, along with kimberly, bob, dana and greg. this is "the five." last night president obama took immigration matters into his own hands, granting 5 million illegals a form of nondeportation amnesty and moments ago aboard air force one the president signed that order. he addressed a las vegas crowd minutes later. >> i know some critics call this action amnesty. it's not amnesty. amnesty really is the system we have got today, you have got millions of people who are


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